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Thymosin Beta-4

Thymosin Beta-4

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Introducing Thymosin Beta-4: Your Natural Wound Healing and Regeneration Peptide. Derived from the thymus gland, Thymosin Beta-4 is a powerful peptide with remarkable abilities to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and support overall health and wellness. 


  1. Rapid Wound Healing
  2. Anti-inflammatory and Immune Boost
  3. Enhanced Collagen Deposition
  4. Cellular-Level Healing
  5. Prevents Adhesion and Fibrous Band Formation
  6. Neuroprotective Properties
  7. Promotes Hair Growth
  8. Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  9. Improved Flexibility
  10. Darkening of Grayed Hair

From wound healing to hair growth and beyond, Thymosin Beta-4 offers a multitude of benefits for overall health and well-being.


Product Details: 

  • Contents: 10mg (2mg/ml 5ml) or 15mg (3mg/ml 5ml)
  • Directions: Inject 20 units subcutaneously at bedtime Monday - Saturday.
  • This vial contains 25 doses.
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