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Introducing Semaglutide/BPC-157: A Dual Action Peptide Combo for Diabetes Management and Gut Healing.

Semaglutide, a trusted medication for type 2 diabetes, helps regulate blood sugar levels and may aid in weight management. However, some individuals may experience gastrointestinal side effects while using Semaglutide, such as nausea or upset stomach.

That's where BPC-157 steps in. Derived from a protective protein, BPC-157 is renowned for its tissue repair properties, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract. By promoting gut healing and reducing inflammation, BPC-157 complements Semaglutide's effects and may help alleviate gastrointestinal side effects associated with Semaglutide use.


  1. Blood Sugar Control
  2. Weight Management
  3. Gut Healing
  4. Tissue Repair
  5. Improved Quality of Life

Whether you're managing diabetes or seeking relief from gastrointestinal side effects, Semaglutide and BPC-157 provides a comprehensive solution to support your health and well-being.


Product Details: 

  • Contents: 7/2mg (2mg/ml 4.5ml) 
  • Directions: 
  1. Inject 15 units (0.25mg) subcutaneously once weekly for 4 weeks THEN
  2. Titrate up to 30 units (0.5mg) subcutaneously once weekly for 4 weeks
  3. Afterwards, you may either stay at 30 units for 8 weeks OR you may titrate up to 60 units (1mg) for 4 weeks.
  • This vial lasts 3-4 months, depending on your dosage.

This product requires physician guidance and approval. Please contact us at (310)553-6494 or for the password to add to your cart! 

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