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DMSA 500mg - 1C

DMSA 500mg - 1C

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Introducing DMSA 500mg: Your Heavy Metal Chelation Solution


  1. Supports Heavy Metal Detoxification, especially Lead

Key Ingredient: DMSA (500mg)

DMSA 500mg is formulated to aid in the detoxification process by chelating heavy metals from the body. It helps remove toxic metals, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic, by binding to them and facilitating their elimination from the body.


Product Details:

  • Contents: 500mg DMSA capsules
  • Directions: Take as directed by your healthcare provider for heavy metal chelation.
  • Please note that pricing is $13 per capsule. 

This product requires physician guidance and approval. Please contact us at (310)553-6494 or for the password to add to your cart!

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