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BPC-157 Injection

BPC-157 Injection

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Introducing BPC-157, the unparalleled regeneration peptide that harnesses the power of synthetic peptides to revitalize your body from within. Derived from a protective protein, BPC-157 has been lauded for its remarkable healing properties, making it a sought-after solution for a myriad of health concerns.


  1. Potent Anti-inflammatory
  2. Neuro-protection
  3. Angiogenesis and Vasculogenesis
  4. Accelerated Wound Healing
  5. Cell Survival Under Stress
  6. GI Mucosal Integrity
  7. Liver Protection and Healing
  8. Tissue Repair

Experience the transformative potential of BPC-157 as it rejuvenates your body, revitalizes your health, and restores your vitality. 

BPC-157 comes in oral or injectable form. Injectable peptides are 5-7 times more potent than oral, but you are free to choose whichever option you feel most comfortable with!


Product Details:

  • Contents: 5mg (1mg/ml 5ml) 
  • Directions: Inject 15 units subcutaneously in the morning daily. 
  • This vial lasts 33 doses.

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